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For your consideration: an AB/WSG flame post form letter


Have you won or lost an AB or WSG match to a cross-server team lately? Did this win or loss stick in your heart, causing you to burn with pride/resentment? Now you, too, can share the exciting details of how much you crit for against those noobs with their entire realm forum, using this handy fill-in-the-blank PvP Flame Post Form Letter! I'm sure you've seen about five hundred of these on your realm forum, so it should come as no surprise that making your own is both easy and fun with our template!

Option #1: The Loss

Title Possibilities: Good Job Cheaters, ____ Is Overpowered, You Got Lucky

Dear (Guild/Team Name/Jerks), congratulations on beating us. Lucky for you that (our team was entirely filled with alts/our flag holder fell through the universe/God was on your side.) We were laughing too hard at your (warrior in Lightforge/pitiful attempts at offense/stupid faces) to concentrate on the game. I hope winning this game was worth (the time you have put in to get the gear you used to beat us/the hour that you spent turtling at the graveyard/your life, because I plan to hunt you down and spear you with a steak knife.) While you losers waste your life in BGs, I'm going to be (sleeping with my Malaysian girlfriend/running over lesser geared players in my Corvette/polishing my Heisman Trophy.) Cheers!

Option #2: The Win

Title Possibilities: ____ is Overrated, GG ____, _____ Loses to Scrubs Like My Team

Dear (Guild/Team Name/Losers), GG in AB/WSG today. Way to lose to (a team in Tier 0.5/a team that was lagging badly/a team that was played by trained ferrets.) I see you're really using your (Tier 3/High Warlord/Mythril) gear well. Maybe next time you should (actually try defending nodes/afk out against premades like my team does/go back to spending time with your wife and kids, jerk.) I'm sure your realm would like to see (how bad you are at PvP/that a group of accomplished PvE players may not be optimally specced for PvP/yet another cleverly cropped AB scoreboard!) Hope to beat you again!

Option #3: The Team That Consists Of Two Druids, One Prot Warrior, And What Seems Like 50 Healers All Following the Flag Carrier

There is nothing you can do about this team. AFK as soon as possible and try to drink enough to forget them.

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