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Ion Audio set to debut iProjector


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While it definitely reduces the portable side of the portable video equation, Ion Audio is hoping that there's enough iPod users fed up with watching movies on their device's tiny displays to thrown down the cash for its new big-screen alternative. Set to debut at CES in January, the iProjector will let you slip in your video-equipped iPod and blow up the picture exponentially, with an adequate 800 x 600 resolution, 24-bit color, and 1,000 lumens brightness (contrast ratio doesn't seem to have been announced yet). Of course, the projector's more than just an iPod dock, able to work just as easily with a DVD player, game console, or other video source, although the all-important input situation has yet to be clarified. While the specs are certainly on the low end, we'd be able to live with it if the price is right but, you guessed it, that hasn't been announced either. Hopefully we'll be able to fill in the gaps (and get a better look at the thing) once CES rolls around.

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