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Left-handed people, unite! We are the best.

Nick Doerr

You know it's true, oh right-handed fools of majority rule! You try to make us conform with your right-handed scissors, can openers, refridgerator doors, keyboards, coffee mugs, pencils, pens, paper, the written language of English (seriously! Lefties have to deal with all that smudging as we write), pillows, and Nintendo DS's (it's a joke... some games let you change controls, but seriously... come on), but now the joke's on you! We may die quite a few years sooner than you, historically, but at least we're better while we last.

This article over at Howstuffworks talks about the quick-thinking lefties possess that righties may lack and it's ringing pretty true to my personal experiences. I am better at driving and talking on the phone at the same time than my right-handed buddies (even with a stick shift! Go figure). My jet piloting skills are top notch, last I checked (question: can the righties sense sarcasm as well as lefties?). Most of the legendary guitarists? Left-handed. Legendary geniuses? Lefty. I think the mythical David Hasselhoff is left-handed... but he did go to my elementary school, so perhaps I'm confused.

Basically, left-handed people may be more prone to bi-hemisperhal processing abilities; that is, we can compute multiple stimuli faster than right-handed people, who tend to process in one hemisphere and then report to the other. The article does a much better job explaining, so check it out. It's an incredibly fascinating read, regardless of your handed-ness. What's this got to do with gaming? Simple: left-handed people will frag righties more often. Oh, you can't see my wry grin. But I'm grinning. And it's wry.

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