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Star Trek: Legacy story dematerializes


Those of you hoping that Star Trek: Legacy will add a bold, new chapter in the Star Trek universe may be disappointed. In a recent forum post, one of Legacy's writers, Derek Chester, warns players that many story elements have been cut from the game. Chester reveals that many intended elements never made it into the game, including rendered cinematics and a great deal of the story that tied the different eras together. In fact, it seems that enough of the story has been cut that Chester will be opening a thread specifically to answer questions about the missing pieces (he even mentions the possibility of novelizing it).

We haven't played the game, so we don't know if the overall story is actually broken or if the cut material deals with minutia that only a Trek fan would care about. Still, you'd think a Star Trek game would be all about fan service to begin with. After all, it's not like Legacy is going to sell a million copies to the Madden crowd*.

*No offense to the Madden loving Trekkies out there.

[Thanks, Scott "Bamelin" Strickland]

A brief shift in the time space continuum caused this story to be published yesterday. We have since repaired the rift and brought it back to the present.

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