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The most painful looking Wii injury to date

Blake Snow

We (still) have a Wii problem despite stronger controller straps as once again we're reminded that common sense does not come standard when playing Wii. Just read the below account as one guy gets hopped-up on liquid courage and allegedly nails his girlfriend in the eye while playing Zelda resulting in the purple growth monstrosity you see above. Amazingly, it was followed by a smile instead of a night on the sofa.

In the boyfriend's own words: "After guzzling a copious amount of 'wife beater' (Stella Artois), I returned home to find the girlie in mid battle with a Zelda 'Boss'. In my inebriated state, it was instinctual to become her knight in shining armour. I proceeded to take the controllers off her and fight the beast myself. Unfortunately, my courage was far greater than my skill. Having taken a good kicking, Liz then tried to intervene with disastrous results. She approached me from the side, appearing from my blind spot, whilst I was performing a slashing movement. I hit her with full force right in her eye!"

For reals? Possibly, but if the dude wasn't swinging the remote with his left hand hitting her in the right eye, someone has some explaining to do.

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