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Wii joystick for arcade snobs now on eBay


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In what already has the makings of a per-console must, an arcade-style joystick has been built for the Wii, and has quickly made its way onto those mean eBay streets. While it lacks that certain nostalgia of its Xbox 360 Street Fighter-based counterpart, the Wii joystick prototype does manage to look quite a bit less ghetto -- matching the Wii pretty well for looks, though it dwarfs the console in size. The custom controller plugs in via a GameCube plug, so it's backward compatible with GameCube games while you wait around for the Wii lineup to fill in. Of course, the joystick is a natural fit for Virtual Console titles, and while at 10 pounds it might not quite pull off that minimalism of the Wii Classic Controller, the legit arcade components worked into this thing should be welcomed by purists. Unfortunately, there's only one of these floating around so far, so unless you can wait for these kids to build more of 'em, you had better start freeing up a bit of PayPal cash for an eminent eBay purchase. Peep a video of the joystick in action after the break.

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