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Will Assault Heroes revive Xbox Live Arcade?


The third original title to hit Xbox Live Arcade in less than a month, Assault Heroes, will arrive on Wednesday (for 800 points). Wanako Studios' top-down shooter (à la Commando, Ikari Warriors, etc.) will follow closely behind two insipid releases, Small Arms and Roboblitz, which have appeared on XBLA during the past three weeks.

Ever since Geometry Wars stole the Xbox 360 launch spotlight, there's been a great deal of anticipation for more original XBLA titles; and Microsoft has certainly put together a fine strategy: holding them off for a holiday blitz. But the early bait has failed to earn our confidence -- our assurance that XBLA can consistently provide distinguishing experiences. And so, it's with much trepidation that we look forward to Assault Heroes' impending arrival.

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