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Aussies disregard the law, continue yapping while driving

Darren Murph

While it should probably be a foregone conclusion that using your cellphone whilst driving isn't the safest approach to get from point A to point B, there's no denying that some folks are still passing the miles by yapping it up. While Americans have passed some legislation (or at least tried to) to quell the use of cellphones / handsfree devices while in the vehicle, the Aussies apparently aren't upholding their own laws. A George Institute road safety study has recently found that "60-percent" of drivers are using their handset in some form or fashion while cruising, while over "12-percent" admitted to actually constructing text messages while switching lanes and dodging traffic. Despite the hazardous nature of their actions, it appears that motorists are continuing to talk due to the lack of enforcement, as "70-percent" of those surveyed felt that they wouldn't be caught. While we're not exactly sure if driving talkers should go to prison (like in Malaysia), the cops from Down Under seemingly need to step it up a notch, but who says they aren't burning through the minutes with sirens blazing too, eh?

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