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Digital Tech's Touch Stone: hot, pocket charging action


Korea's Digital Tech might be best known for their battery technology, but they also produce this freaky little Touch Stone "pocket heater" / mobile device charger. Yeah, so besides heating up the pocketed thigh, buttock, or nipple of your choice, the Touch Stone A30 also provides supplementary power to your cellphone, digital camera, portable media player, whutevs, via a 24-pin connector -- device adapters presumably sold separately. The 102-gram/3.6-ounce device pumps a Lithium Polymer battery at its heart capable of powering a cellphone for up to 9-hours, DMB phone for about 3-hours, or triple the life of MP3 players or digital cameras. Still, we have to wonder if the heating feature is by design, or just an unintentional consequence of hot running product? No matter, it should prove useful for some hardcore, winter-sports media-action this season -- available now in Korea for about 39,600KRW or $42.


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