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Fake Wii wounds are the new pink


Some folks will do anything for a little attention, and we're happy to oblige, particularly when we get to showcase our big daddy blog Joystiq in a spot of debunking. A reader sent them pictures of his bruised face (and bruised television) and blamed the whole thing on the Wii. He really should have blamed his poor Photoshop skills. Next time you try to scam folks, may we suggest not choosing the second result on a Google image search? Make us dig a little deeper.

Apparently, Wiinjuries and Wiisasters are the hip new accessories for gamers everywhere. Forgot those NES belt buckles. The cool kids 'chop in fake Wii wounds for their MySpace pics, and the more hardcore idiots are probably going around actually punching one another in the face with Wiimotes. We just hope someone films it. Where's Jackass when you need it?

On a side note, anyone else think the word "wiinjuries" should die along with all these yawnariffic claims of Wii-related disasters?

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