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First impressions of Toshiba's second-gen HD-A2 HD DVD player

Matt Burns

The guys over at had the opportunity to spend some time with the latest HD DVD player from Toshiba and so far, this player seems to be a large step in the right direction. The first-gen player was more computer then consumer electronic with a huge case, painfully slow load time, monstrous remote, and unfortunately, it crashed like it was 1998 but the first impressions of the HD-A2 are polar opposites. First, the pic shows that this optical disc player actually looks like an optical disc player and not a desktop PC. They also clocked the load time at a speedy 20 seconds a disc rather then around a minute and we have grown to live with from the HD-A1. Also, the remote finally looks like a DVD remote. Thankfully Toshiba managed to improve almost everything from their first go but they did keep the image quality the same. Their full review is coming within a few weeks but their first impressions were that the quality is just as good as their first generation.

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