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Rogues want ferrets!


No, really.

It seems that a ton of new pet options have appeared in the new talent trees in 2.0.1 -- ice mages got water elementals, balance druids got those annoying trees and demonology warlocks can now summon felguards. And in the expansion, two new classes -- priests and shamans -- will be able to summon temporary combat pets at higher levels.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that rogues (semi-seriously) want in on the action. Three months ago, Eskar proposed that rogues be granted the notoriously thieving ferret as a pickpocketing combat pet, and his petition is still going strong today. Community Manager Nethaera crushed Eskar's dream by noting that ferrets are still illegal in some states, and to be true to reality, the ferret would have to occasionally become confused and attack you. Rogues then asked for spider monkeys and/or rabid raccoons.

Other classes then joined in on the combat pet action. Warriors asked for throwable sharks (?!), while paladins demanded fluffy bunnies. What kind of combat pet do you think your class could use?

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