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Sprint's SCH-W531 from Samsung in the flesh

Chris Ziegler

We've got some good news for globetrotters on Sprint: there's a new handset in the pipeline to replace that dirty, worn, scratched up A790 of yours. The new SCH-W531, which the scoop-rific folks over at the FCC sniffed out for us, looks like your run of the mill midrange clamshell at first glance, but a quick removal of the battery cover will reveal that all-important GSM slot -- just what CDMA subscribers desperately need when they hop the pond and expect their phone to go with them. Other features include a 1.3 megapixel cam, Bluetooth (after all, businesspeople just look silly without wireless headsets these days), and a grand total of 43MB of memory. Shouldn't be too long now before we see this one shipping.

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