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Street Fighter II coming to Virtual Console?

Blake Snow

1UP speculates that Street Fighter II is coming to a Virtual Console near you, this according to a recent ESRB rating approval of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior for Wii. Does this mean the game will hit the Virtual Console? Not necessarily, but it's unlikely Capcom would release a single game compilation specific to Wii. The ESRB's database also includes Kirby's Adventure, Kid Icarus, PilotWings and Punch-Out for Wii with no release dates accompanying the approved ratings.

If true, the expected $8 emulated Wii port wouldn't support online play, widescreen, or any new game modes, all of which Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting on Xbox Live Arcade does for only $2 more ($10). So which is better; a "purist" $8 version on Wii, or the added meat and potatoes one for $10 on XLA?

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