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Boardroom guys: Let's make a Fallout MMO

Zack Stern

According to a November SEC filing, battered software publisher, Interplay, imagines a wonderful future with gamers paying it $160 million per-year beginning in 2011. The one product that could relaunch the company: a Fallout MMO.

In the SEC document -- with typical financial disclaimers saying the projection may never be realized -- Interplay hopes a $75 million Fallout MMO production of will save the farm. (A large part of that figure includes marketing.) The company intends to sell common stock to generate a significant part of that budget -- that's why this filing exists for us to drool and scribble notes in the margins.

While the product may eventually be created, give it at least a few months before getting excited; Interplay hopes development begins in early in 2007. And even then, you'll have to wait until Q3 2010 before the company intends to launch; three-and-a-half years in production seems optimistic. Keep the skepticism setting on high.

[Via Inside Mac Games]

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