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Hori busts out arcade-style joysticks for the PS3


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While it may not be the best option for a game of Resistance, if you want to be prepared for one of the few fighting games that'll be making its way to the PS3 in the coming months, you might want to give one of these offerings from accessory-maker Hori some serious consideration. The Fighting Stick 3 is the less expensive of the two, running a reasonable 5,229 Yen ($45) and sporting a button layout that'll be familiar to anyone that's set foot in an arcade in the last fifteen years, as well as a rapid fire feature for those that need a little help. Taking things up a notch, the $70 Real Arcade Pro 3 will give you the same layout and features, but in a more arcade-authentic package. Both sticks will be available in Japan February 8th, just in time for the downloadable version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

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