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Sony talks spring cleaning, major PS3 firmware update in the works


During his appearance at a meet-and-greet for semi-official Sony blog ThreeSpeech, Phil Harrison allegedly confirmed a major PlayStation 3 firmware update would be rolled out in March to coincide with the console's launch in Europe (should the delay rumor prove false). According to an unidentified attendee, Harrison outlined some of the features to be included in the update, expanding on SCEE VP of Technology Paul Holman's hint that the update would focus on improving PS3's capabilities as a media center:

  • Multi-tasking; includes voice/video-chat while browsing XMB
  • Auto-resume for downloads from PlayStation Store
  • PSP Remote Play upgrade (access PS3 media via WiFi connection)
  • New animations during audio playback
  • Enhanced photo album functionality
  • Additional XMB display options
While still vague, these features definitely focus on PS3's non-gaming abilities. Anything you'd like to see added to the list?

[Via 1UP]

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