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The game rag's latest target? Joystiq.

Ross Miller

Humorist site the game rag has fallen on some hard times apparently, so they've decided to piggy back on a carnival midget -- namely, us. As part of a week-long feature, site creator Nathan Smart has decided to riff on five Joystiq articles he sees suited for satire.

He's only up to four so far, but we are extending a challenge for him: Mr. Smart, we'd like to see you rag this article about you ragging our articles. Only then can you create a chain reaction of circular, never-ending prepositional phrases that cause a rift in time space, ultimately opening up a black hole that devours us all. Have at it, you!

Previously, the game rag took on a challenge most enduring when new recruit Michael Piercey was given the task of watching G4TV for 21 hours. He has since gone missing.

[Thanks, Johnson Quarry]

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