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Carbon Fiber MacBook (not really)

Mat Lu

So it seems like Apple has been going backwards in notebook materials. I remember when Uncle Steve was telling us that all the cool kids had titanium notebooks, and then along came the aluminum PowerBooks. Come on! Clearly recycled Coke cans can't hold a candle to the coolest airplane of all time. Seeing as how the AlBooks have been around (first as PBs and then MBPs) since 2003, it's about time for a revision and the obvious next material is carbon fiber (especially since those G5 PowerBook rumors never panned out). Well while we wait for Apple to get off its collective keister we can marvel at Rogotoko's amazing black MacBook mod, the "World's First Carbon Fiber MacBook." Now it's true that this "mod" basically consists of a sticker, but hey it looks cool, and as we've already established, that's all that really matters.

[via Gizmodo]

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