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Ericsson gives HSDPA a Latin flair

Chris Ziegler

HSDPA rollouts seem to be progressing at a solid clip across Europe, Asia, and North America -- and before too long, we might be able to add Latin America to that list. Ericsson takes the honors for providing the infrastructure to light up the continent's first HSDPA network, which will find its home with Chile's ENTEL PCS. Technically, Ericsson is calling the network simply "HSPA," a generalization of HSDPA / HSUPA that leaves open the possibility of going big with upstream speeds down the road. For now, Ericsson is speaking in theoretical terms, saying only that it'll go "up to 14.4Mbps" down to the handsets, but a more realistic goal in the near term is the several hundred kilobits to a couple megabits per second most carriers around the world are currently providing. ¡Viva WCDMA!

[Thanks, Daydalaus]

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