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Kensington discontinues Iridio mice


I love my Iridio. It is, if I am remembering correctly, my third Irideo in a row. It's small enough to fit my hand. It's Mac friendly. It has two buttons and it has a scroll wheel. It is, in other words, nearly a perfect mouse. Other than the fact that after about a year its USB bits die.

And now it's discontinued. I called up Kensington for tech support because it started having some USB problems (as did the previous 2, which I replaced on my own penny) and the technician told me they'd permanently discontinued the line. They sent out a Si300 laser mouse to replace it, but it's a honking big old thing that's far too large for me to use.

I went over to CompUSA to see if they had any Irideos left, but they were all sold out. I ordered a couple on Amazon, but they (Ritz Camera, actually, through Amazon) cancelled my order because they were out of stock. I just don't want to say goodbye to what is otherwise the most perfect Mac mouse ever.

So do any of you TUAW readers have any recommendations for a replacement? I'm looking for a sealed USB laser mouse with approximately the same dimensions that can comfortably fit into a small woman's hand. Thanks in advance for any hints.

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