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Next-Gen schmoozes execs, dubs Peter Moore best of '06

Blake Snow
Save has compiled a list of select individuals whom they felt made the most significant and positive impact on gaming's 2006 calendar year. Notables from the top 25 include Major Nelson (our partner in blogging), Reggie Fils-Aime (would have drop kicked someone had he not made the list), Cliffy B (can get you into some killer parties), Nintendo presidente Satoru Iwata (father of the DS) and some other people you probably don't know or care about. But the site ultimately dubs Microsoft's Peter Moore as the Person of the Year. From the article: "Peter Moore has delivered. That's why he's number one. Xbox 360 has sold as close as needs be to five million consoles in North America in the past 12 months." Liverpool can now hoist another trophy for one of its sons. Moore will basically become a fifth Beatle for this.

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