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Rumor: Brutes are playable in Halo 3, video on Dec. 20th [update 1]


Update: Bungie's Frank O'Connor, under his NeoGAF alias, Stinkles, has debunked part of this rumor (twice). According to Frankie, Brutes will not be playable characters. The video may still come to pass, though. We'll just have to wait and see.

We get tips from time to time, some of them small and some of them big. The tip we received this morning, however, is a doozy. Coming from the blog of YLA G -- creator of the kickass Google application, GooMGC -- the info goes something like this: Brutes will be playable in Halo 3. Not only that, but a video confirming this fact should hit Marketplace on December 20th (I knew Bungie wouldn't forget my birthday). The video is supposedly seven minutes long and gives us backstory on the Brutes and tells us what skills they will have at their disposal. Even better, 2 and a half minutes of the video should be actual gameplay. This is strictly a rumor at this point, as the article has no source listed, but it wouldn't surprise us if it's true. In fact, it makes perfect sense considering how many new Brute weapons have been announced for Halo 3.

Playable Brutes opens up many questions of course. Will they have berserker attacks? Will they still have their dome protecting, headshot deflecting skull caps? Will Brutes be in the beta? Does this mean that Elites are no longer playable? Oh the possibilities. Assuming this is true, what do you want to see from the Brute class?

[Thanks, lollersticks]

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