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Happy Super Mario manualism music day

Kyle Orland

We here at Joystiq were reluctant to do a Super Mario music day for much the same reason we hesitated to do a Tetris music day until last week. While there are hundreds of amateur videos of people plunking out the theme on guitar or piano, most of them are nothing special. But then we stumbled upon a trio of Mario themes done in a musical form that erased our ennui and have new life to the familiar ditty:

Hand farts.

Technically called manualism, the method of making music by farting air out through your hands is apparently a dying art. We're still not entirely convinced all of the below performances are real -- heck, some of us can't even get the slightest toot from pressing our hands together, much less compose a whole song. Still, even if they're bogus, we feel the mere fact that someone went to the trouble of pretending to do the Mario theme in hand farts is worth noting. Enjoy!

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