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Nayio Humming Search tries to recognize tunes, doesn't know the Beatles

Cyrus Farivar

We don't know how well a humming-based song recognition online service would do, given that we're unsure which we distrust more, people's ability to hum on-key or software's ability to recognize it. Still, that hasn't stopped Nayio from trying to build such an application. The idea is that if you hum a few bars into your computer via its online "Humming Search," Nayio should be able to recognize the tune and then take you to Napster to buy it. However, one blogger, Rafe Needleman, says that his experience with the site isn't so positive, given that it couldn't recognize his humming of a Nirvana tune nor his Juliard-trained wife's humming of the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." And if you can't recognize the Fab Four, Nayio, it's so over between us.

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