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Palm prepping big Treo 700p patch

Chris Ziegler

Good news, 700p users: your complaints have not gone (entirely) unheard. Steve Sinclair, Senior Product Manager for Palm's Palm OS Wireless Products group, has taken the time to cobble together a pretty comphrensive response to ongoing issues owners have been leveling against Palm's flagship Palm OS-based handheld since its release. In short, there is a big firmware update in the works that should clear up some of the most glaring deficiencies: Bluetooth headset and carkit troubles (though Mr. Sinclar is careful to note that they won't be able to test every model out there), stuttering during music playback, and "a number of other enhancements to system stability, reliability, and performance." Not scheduled to be fixed, however, is generally slowness some users have bellyached about when switching apps; Palm says there's not much they can do about it, and it has to do with the platform sharing between the 700p and its Windows Mobile sibling, the 700w / wx. Look for the update should drop some time in late Q1 of 2007. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via SmartPhoneToday]

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