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Ignorant European pols replace ignorant American pols


EU justice commissioner Franco Frattini wants to establish "basic standards" in games during "design stage, production and retail sale." The retail details are setting parental advisory warnings and age restrictions on sale, it's the "standards" for the "design stage" and "production" that should make gamers in Europe nervous.

It is still unclear whether these "design" standards would affect game content developed in Europe being shipped off the continent. More details will be given at an EU justice meeting next month in Germany. Frattini is supported by British Home Secretary John Reid, but Reid has been quoted as saying he's more concerned about child pornography being a danger than video games.

There was a time when American politicians were the ignorant ones, but with recent changes by the most powerful outspoken critics in the states, it looks like Europe can take the crown. It's about time Europe gets a powerful First Amendment going because it's the only thing that protected games in the states from "design" censorship.

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