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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: Charity Edition

Ross Miller

If you like the adjacent postcard, created by VG Cats' Scott Ramsoomair, it's part of a set of four holiday postcards designs done by webcomic artists from Apple Geeks, Staccato, and Angry Zen Master. You can view and purchase the set here; all proceeds go to Child's Play.

Speaking Child's Play, those interested in owning a print and a sketch of the Phoenix Wright parody can bid on it, knowing all proceeds from the auction go to Child's Play.

Here are our picks for the week's best gaming webcomics, be sure to vote for your favorite!

The Next Step
Game Boy
Snap, Crack, or Pop
Reindeer Games
Mmmph! Hah!
Video Game "Rewards"
Obvious Decision
A series of unfortunate decisions (an oldie, but goodie)
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