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Breakfast Topic: Hybrids in WoW

Eliah Hecht

WoWWiki defines a hybrid class as a class that "combines the abilities of other base classes." That encompasses Paladins (Warrior + Priest), Druids (Warrior + Rogue + Priest + Mage), and Shaman (Priest + Mage + some sort of melee). Priests could also be considered hybrids in their own right, as they can heal well or put out good dps in Shadowform. My question to you this morning is: how well do hybrid classes work in WoW? For instance, the Druid is commonly described as a "jack of all trades;" the second half of the phrase is of course "master of none." Are Druids and other hybrid classes really not as good at any given role as single-role classes? Should they be?

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