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Chiklis gets cheeky in The Shield video game

Kevin Kelly

Everyone's favorite renegade cop, Vic Mackey (played by Michael Chiklis, without his more recent orange rock outer layer), will be appearing on the PlayStation 2 and PC in early 2007, giving gamers a chance to intimidate witnesses and beat the crap out of criminals while wearing a badge. Well, beat them up (sometimes) and intimidate them verbally (a lot).

Firing Squad has an interview with game creators Kraig Horigan and Rob Sandberg up, and they talk about the ins and outs of turning The Shield into a game. Apparently the hardest part was in figuring out how to tone Mackey down so that the player has an alternative to applying brute force to every situation. But hey, that's what he does on the TV show, and that's also the version of the game we want to play.

Sadly, this great FX TV show looks like it'll be getting the "let's turn this property into a crummy video game" treatment, based on the screenshots alone. At least Kenny Johnson came in to do some voice recording. He may be off the show, but he'll live on in the game. Lemonhead, FTW!

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