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Guitar Hero II: we have a winner

Kevin Kelly

It takes guts for someone to dress up in a silly outfit, courage for them to pose for pictures, and a sense of humor to know that they'll end up on the internet. However, it takes real balls to do all of that while wearing a Victoria's Secret Angel costume and playing Guitar Hero. Thus, we have a winner for our contest. We apologize in advance if you can't get this image out of your head for several days, but hey ... them's the breaks.

Kudos to Stacey for this winning entry, she'll receive a copy of Guitar Hero II with a guitar signed by Dave Navarro (eBay value of autograph = $1.57). Our two runners-up are Casethan and his dual-guitars of death/J.C. Penney catalog picture, and JediJoe9's proof that he might have some brain damage. They'll both receive signed posters and GH2 t-shirts.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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