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Yourhead + Rapidweaver = WYSIWYG Goodness

Mat Lu

After reading Michael's post about the new release of Sandvox, I realized we have never mentioned the excellent Blocks plugin for Rapidweaver from Yourhead Software. Now I have not played extensively with either iWeb or Sandvox, having been inducted into the Rapidweaver fan club even before they came out, but naturally I was very interested in their characteristic feature--WYSIWYG web page editing. The downside of those programs (at least as I perceived it) was that their very ease of use seemed to place more restrictions on what you could do with them as compared to Rapidweaver. Well, Blocks gives you the best of both worlds: Rapidweaver plus WYSIWYG editing similar to iWeb or Sandvox.

We have previously mentioned Yourhead's Collage photo gallery plugin, and in addition to Blocks they also have several more excellent plugins, including the just released Carousel (an even better photo gallery) and Accordion (for easily making dynamic javascript page elements).To get a good sense of how powerful Rapidweaver becomes with these plugins be sure to check out the screencasts both from the developer and from Screencastsonline.

If you're looking for a relatively easy to use website creation tool and want WYSIWYG page creation, be sure to add Rapidweaver + the Yourhead plugins to your comparison list. Rapidweaver is $39.95 (though it's also part of the soon to wrap up Macheist bundle) and the Yourhead plugins range from $9.95 to $19.95.

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