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Another "assertion" that MGS4 is going to 360

Nick Doerr

Rumors are so fun because everyone starts to give their two cents, five cents, no sense, or compe...tence. Damn. Almost worked. Anyway, we've pranced down this road before, but it keeps coming up. Will Konami put Metal Gear Solid 4 onto the XBox 360 a month after the PS3 release? According to Noooz, someone "very high up" has given them the word, the official word, that the 360 version of MGS4 is due out a few months after the PS3 release because of a fear that there won't be enough PS3 units to generate a profit. Yawn. Can I put my two cents in yet?

What constitutes a rumor? The inability to cite a reputable source. Who is this guy's source? Someone "high up" that he can't name. Naturally. Why? Because either a) the guy he cites will come out and say "what? He's full of crap." or b) he doesn't even have one. So, take this as you will, but this is a rumor because there's no saying whether or not it's true. There's a possibility, what with more games going multi-platform and the Metal Gear Solid games generally going to other systems (the Twin Snakes remake on Gamecube and MGS2:S on the XBox, for example).

Our buddies at Joystiq took a stab at this also, contacted the editor of Noooz, and got the "I'm 100% confident" speech. You can be 100% confident that you're a male or female. You can't be 100% confident about this. Put on your discussion hats and let's dance!

[via Joystiq]

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