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First online Wii game uses game-specific friend code

Kyle Orland

Despite all our grousing about Nintendo's overprotective, hard-to-use friend code system for the Wii, we assumed that the system-specific codes would at least mean the end of the DS' system of maintaining a distinct list of game-specific codes for each online game. Well, you know what happens when you assume...

IGN's recent review of the Japanese version of Pokemon Battle Revolution reveals that the game uses "a unique 12-digit friend code, different from your Wii system number," to identify you to potential online opponents. As if that wasn't bad enough, the game has "no actual lobby where you can see how many players are currently doing battle under the various rules of play," meaning it's hard to find new people to play against.

It's not yet clear whether this system will carry over to other countries or other online-enabled Wii games, but it seems unlikely to us that Nintendo would premiere the Wii's online gameplay with a setup it didn't plan on continuing in other games. Then again, that's just us assuming again...

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