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Konami: "MGS4 is exclusive to PlayStation 3." Us: "!"

Well, what did you think they were going to say? Just days after the Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to Xbox 360 rumorang swooshed back for yet another appearance in the console exclusivity spotlight, series publisher Konami reached its giant metaphorical arm out a similarly metaphorical window and snatched it from the air. Then they stomped it dead. Again.

Konami told CVG that "MGS4 is exclusive to PlayStation 3." Of course, this is similar (but not identical) to their statement to Joystiq last time we danced to this number, that "Metal Gear 4 is a PS3 title." Of course, we've seen other highly anticipated third-party titles go through a similar exclusivity Bermuda triangle, their exact whereabouts unknown for some time. We can't imagine what sort of high-powered, backroom negotiations would result in a third-party game as popular as MGS4 being relegated to a single new-gen platform, not to mention one that may be in short supply until as late as 2008 (according to some).


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