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M-11 copyboard prints directly and saves to USB dongles


We know that the sight of a whiteboard is an instant turn off for all the bored execs and high schoolers out there, but if you're still reading, you'll be happy to know that the Plus Vision M-11 copyboard is more than just a mere whiteboard (although it's not quite a smartboard). Using an optical sensor placed behind a large white screen, the M-11 can output your boss or teacher's scribbly diagrams to either an attached laser printer or an included USB drive, all without the extra cost of a computer and projector. Needless to say, the M-11's print outs will likely just result in even more ignored paperwork than usual, but thanks to the cost saving nature of the system, at least you'll be able to miss assignments and deadlines safe in the knowledge that your school or business saved money setting them. A printer must be purchased separately, although it seems as if the Plus Vision guys have seen fit to make it work with more than one specific model. The USB port dumps PNG files straight to any type of flash drive, so anyone in the room with a personal dongle should be able to pick up your ideas in a relatively hassle free manner. We're seeing the M-11 selling online for around $1,700, and it should be available now.

[Via EverythingUSB]

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