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New Lara Croft to make us drool, vows Eidos


Eidos exec Ian Livingstone OBE reminds us that the next Tomb Raider is still all about the curves and bounce of its star Lara Croft. "I've seen some of the in-game models and it's just like watching television; if you felt you were in love with Lara Croft previously, you ain't seen nothing yet. You'll be drooling when you see the new Lara as she appears in the next iteration," Livingstone promised Eurogamer TV. Aw c'mon! Just tell us ... are you gonna license the DOA Xtreme engine?

But seriously, Livingstone wasn't even trying to sell us on any other aspect of the game. Is drool-factor enough to keep this franchise from falling off again?

In related news, for those that prefer a slightly more real infatuation, Angelina looks to be donning the short-shorts again, as Livingstone confirmed Paramount has agreed to hire a scriptwriter for a third Tomb Raider movie.

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