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No Touch Alarm Card alerts you to pickpockets, your own spending habits


Sure, we've run into a pickpocket or three in our day, but that other set of sticky fingers hanging from our shoulders seems to cause a lot more problems for ye ol' bank account. That's why we're kind of digging this new No Touch Alarm Card, which deals with both situations via an annoying and oh-so-easily-activated alarm. See, all you have to do is expose this card to the teensiest bit of light and it'll sound the alarm, meaning that once your wallet leaves your pocket or purse, via nefarious or innocent means, you'll be treated to some zealous bleeps and bloops to alert you to the severity of the situation. This'll work great until that time you forget to flip the switch to "off" and bust out your wallet in a fancy restaurant, but it'll be fun while it lasts. Plus, at $15, it won't be putting too much of a burden on that pesky wallet it's meant to protect.

[Via TRFJ]

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