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Rival Swords: Wii Prince of Persia has a new name, but same game


Ubisoft's betting you're familiar with 2005's Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. So the publisher has cleverly tweaked the name for its Wii release. Now it's Prince of Persia: Rival Swords. But wait ... it's got Wii controls! Lame.

It's clear that Ubisoft is testing the waters, seemingly asking itself: how little is enough to succeed on Wii? Indeed, why waste development costs on new content when you can dig yesteryear's game outta the crate, tack on some wrist-flicking action, and push it back out to retail? True, Rival Swords has multiplayer modes and new quick-play levels (confirmed for PSP version); but let's not kid ourselves, this is Two Thrones all over again.

Ubisoft isn't the first company to re-release a product with some new features, but the name change certainly feels deceptive; and in general, offerings like Rival Swords look to water down Wii's potency. The console's strength is not in finding new ways to play the same old games.

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