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Shipping this week: dj vu edition


So, we looked at this week's release list, and we were struck with an eerie feeling that we'd seen it before. We scanned the list over and over again-- it didn't take long, because there was only one game. Had we seen this before? In another life, maybe? No, wait, it's just last week's game again. It looks like the tremendous development cycle for Rapala Tournament Fishing! pushed the game back another week. We know that these delays can be annoying, but we're sure the developers didn't want to release some crappy fishing game that would have to be patched later. No, they wanted to deliver a solid product and we commend them for that.

Before you all run out to buy Rapala Tournament Fishing!, we have a new addition to our shipping feature: European releases! We wish we could give you an exciting bulleted list, but you're only getting one game as well: Star Trek: Legacy.

Let's hope next week is a little more interesting.

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