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The iPhone that wasn't

Scott McNulty

It is Monday, and you know what that means! The iPhone is upon us. Much like Brian Lam of Gizmodo promised us, the iPhone is here and it isn't what you were expecting. Sure, we all knew that Apple doesn't hold the trademark for the iPhone, but that doesn't mean that Apple wouldn't release one of the most anticipated products of their history with a name they didn't own, on a Monday scant days before Christmas.

Oh, wait, that's right. The iPhone is a Linksys product and has nothing to do with the mythical iPhone much as Laurie predicted. So what does this tell us? Not much, other than Mac fans really like rumors, but we knew that already.

Anyway, iPhone isn't that great of a name to begin with. Apple has a great brand with iPod so I predict that if Apple introduces a phone it will be under the iPod brand, though that's a big if.

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