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Wiitar air guitar: has it gone too far?


The general consensus on the PS3 is that everybody is selling theirs on eBay, and now we're starting to wonder how anyone has time to put a Wiimote through a window or somebody's eye with all this hacking going on. On the musical front, it turns out the Wiimotes make for a great pair of drumsticks, and now after a couple weeks we learn that they make for a horrible guitar substitute. The Wiitar hack comes from an industrious J5892 on the WiiLi forums, and involves two Wiimotes, complicated angles and button pushes and some lame sounding MIDI noises to create amazingly bad music. We've gotta give this guy props for effort and all that crap, but seriously dude, ever think of giving up this whole hacking gig for a bit of Zelda? Peep the sexy music video after the break.

[Via Joystiq]

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