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Comcast starts testing TiVo software

Ben Drawbaugh

It has been almost two years since Comcast and TiVo announced plans to deliver TiVo software to Comcast customers on existing Motorola hardware and many expected to have then in their homes by now. While a Series 3 will still set you back a good chunk of change, Comcast continues to rent the Motorola DVR to customers for less than TiVo's monthly service fee. This partnership should give Comcast customers some middle ground between what some say is inadequate software and an expensive 3rd party alternative, but they have just now started to test the software don't expect to do market tests until the spring. On top of this they still refuse to give a hard date for the release to the wild, but they are saying "2007". As disappointed as we are that we have to continue to wait, we do understand their challenges. TiVo has to write their software to not only work with the Motorola hardware and Comcast network, but also to integrated with other Comcast services such as VOD and "TV Navigator". To top it all off the software is to be deployed via a download without ever requiring a visit from the cable guy for those who already have a Comcast DVR.

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