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PSP camera review: "Worse than most camera phones"

Kyle Orland

It's been rumored and spotted and dated and now that it's out in Japan, it seems it's a little less than impressive. We're speaking, of course, of the PSP camera attachment, which import-focused site GameBrink declares is "worse than most camera phones on the market today."

Indeed, the 5000 yen ($42), 1.3-megapixel phone seems a little behind the times when standard camera phones that come free with many wireless plans sport at least two megapixels. The attachment will only look more obsolete as eight-megapixel phones eventually penetrate the mass market. What's more, the camera's video function limits you to 15 second clips, regardless of how much capacity you have on your MemoryStick, negating one of the attachment's potential benefits.

With no launch details announced yet for America, it's still unclear whether the device will even see the light of day outside gadget-obsessed Japan. Judging by this review, though, that suddenly doesn't seem like such an awful prospect.

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