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Sony patches BWU-100A Blu-ray drive to play movies

Darren Murph

Yet another debacle in the Sony world is finally getting some closure today, as Sony's much-anticipated BWU-100A Blu-ray drive is finally getting an official update to allow BD movies to play back. While it was almost unbelievable that a Blu-ray drive would be offered up sans the ability to watch flicks, especially considering the CyberLink PowerDVD that was bundled in, Sony managed to pull it off. Of course, it shifted the blame and gave us all the run around, but in the end, disgruntled owners of the device can finally get their movie watching on. So if you threw down the massive coinage to get this bad boy awhile back, and haven't tossed it on the eBay market in sheer frustration just yet, be sure to hit the read link and get to downloading.

[Via HDBlog]

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