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Dean Takahashi on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo

Blake Snow

Dean Takahashi, video game journalist with the San Jose Mercury News, recently spilled his guts on the industry with a group of gamers in conjunction with the release of his book Xbox 360 Uncloaked in Italy. Notable wisdom from the Q&A session highlight the importance of marketing a console (think lackluster GameCube market share), the existance of twice as many Sony developers as Xbox ones, and the idea that publishers want all three consoles to succeed. No, not because they're "true gamers" as some call them, but because they like greenbacks.

From the interview: "I believe that developers want to have three strong console makers. To the degree that it makes sense, they will support everyone so they can sell games on any platform. The exclusive will be the exception, not the rule."

UPDATE: Clarified Takahashi's claim the Sony houses twice as many developers as Microsoft's Xbox division.

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