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More Kingdom Hearts in 2007

Ross Miller

Brace yourself for this one, folks: Square Enix is taking a successful franchise and furthering it with sequels galore. Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura told Famitsu that there will be multiple KH projects in the works, with announcements coming in 2007.

We're not going to make any assumptions as to the future console of choice for Kingdom Hearts 3 (or whatever crafty subtitle they decide), especially after the Dragon Quest DS shuffle. If multiple projects are in order, however, the true successor in the series will probably go to a home console, with portable systems receiving the side stories (see: Chain of Memories).

Square Enix hinted at forthcoming 2007 announcements during their presentation at Jump Fiesta; are these two news bits related or does the RPG giant have more secrets in store for next year? And while we're at it, what Disney movies has the series overlooked in merging the two companies' icons?

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