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Nintendo tyrannizes Gamasutra's 2006 list of best games

Blake Snow

Nintendo cleaned house on Gamasutra's 2006 list of most important games as voted by their readers. Criteria for the user-generated selections compiled by site editors were based on a single question: Which video game has made the biggest impact in 2006, in terms of innovation and advancing the state of the industry?

Out of the 12 profiled titles (seven of which were honorable mentions), games for Nintendo platforms made up 50% of the list shared between several systems, not to mention Wii was the only highlighted console on a list that was suppose to be made up of only games as the article's headline suggests. Wii Sports was awarded the Most Important Game of 2006 on a baseline winner, followed by Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii, GCN), Gears of War (360), Okami (PS2), and Elite Beat Agents (DS) respectively.

This is just one of many year-end listicles sure to make the internet rounds in the coming days, so fret not if your favorite didn't make the list or take the top spot. There's still a chance other outlets will journalistically justify your game of choice.

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