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Increase in strain injuries attributed to gaming

Blake Snow

Reuters explores an increase in repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) as gadgets and video games are used more than ever before, especially during the holidays. From the article: "While sitting for hours on a sofa, clutching a joystick and staring at a television are the ideal way to unwind for many people, it could also be risky. Daisuke Ito, the head doctor at Senzoku Orthopedic Plastic Surgery in Tokyo and who often treats RSI, said he expects to see more game-related cases in the future." Dang it!

The report also highlights health warnings by both Nintendo and Sony; Nintendo urges gamers to take a break every 15 minutes between play, and Sony asks gamers to take breaks and "be aware of posture" while playing. We get it: moderation. But when's the last time you took a "15 minute" break? Two hours maybe, never using minutes as the break metric.

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