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mobiBLU's Cubisto does that whole cube thing on a budget


We never really figured out the appeal behind a cube-shaped pendant DAP, mainly due to the fact that it would hurt like crazy if we took a flying kick to chest, and with some of these aggressive PR types at tradeshows these days, us Engadget editors can never be too careful. Still, the form factor seems to be doing plenty well for mobiBLU, which just released the Cubisto that swaps out the Cube2's color screen for a monochrome one while shaving a few bucks off the pricetag. The player supports the usual codec suspects like WMA and PlaysForSure, and comes in 1GB ($89.99) and 2GB (109.99) flavors. Unfortunately, the battery life has been shaved to 8 hours from the Cube2's 10, and the prices are only $10 less than that of their color-screened equivalents. No word yet on launch date in the US or Europe.

[Via dapreview]

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